STEAM at Fanthome

Chances are that you have already seen the term STEAM pass by. But what exactly is STEAM? STEAM is an interplay of 5 parts namely science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics that prepare children for the future.

Many schools are already working with this vision. This is how they get started with the components of STEAM and ensure that children think problem-solving, creative thinking, learn to think critically and work together.

How can you get started in a moody way at home? Various toy manufacturers are developing educational toys that can be used to work on STEAM. STEAM toys contain at least 1 or more parts of the STEAM components. The toys ensure that your child can work independently, but can also support as a parent. Furthermore, STEAM toys exist for all ages and are accessible to everyone. It is important to look closely at the age so that your child can work with it himself and does not become a spectator.

To ensure that STEAM toys are a real success, make sure you choose toys that match your child's interests. This gives them extra motivation to explore and investigate!

Through STEAM toys, your child learns to discover the world through play!

Fanthome has a wide selection of STEAM toys available for both big and small scientists.


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